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IOTW: Relax

Working from home often means taking on more work. That early morning commute in both directions can be replaced by jumping staight into work as soon as you leap from bed. A 9-5 day job quickly becomes a 7 to 7 when you don’t have a clock to punch. And then there are the after hours commitments to volunteer clubs, sports teams, kids after school activities, and simple socialising and meeting friends.

Throw into that mix, some of us try to make an extra buck through side projects and home businesses. Bettering ourselves through self-education. Bettering others through educating them. All this takes time and energy. And sometimes it just starts to get a wee bit too much.

At times like those, the best medicine is a good strong does of relaxation.

Image Of The Week

Everyone is different. For me, nothing is more relaxing than being outdoors with a camera. It gets me away from the computer and forces me to stop work until my return. Sometimes I drag along my beloved Nikki. Well, dragged is not the right word. She likes to tag along, if her own commitments allow. Me, I just grab the camera and head for the door when I can. Sometimes I’m gone for an hour. Sometimes I’m gone for the day. Sometimes I come back empty handed, no photos worth showing. And sometimes I come back with a photo that just makes me feel good. Like this one.

Nikki On A Bench

The Image Of The Week was taken after a short hike around the fairly small Morgans Point Conservation area. Nikki and I had sat on a lake front bench to watch the world go by. Senses fully engaged by wind and the waves, and the flock of Turkey vultures weaving overhead, I saw the moment her whole body just slumped as the worries of the week washed away. The tension went from her shoulders and she settled into the comfortable bench. A tiny smile formed. For this moment in time, she was relaxed.

Nikki relaxes on a bench at Morgan's Point

Nature can do that to you, sometimes. We could all do with some relaxation. So do it. Find your way to relax. All those commitments will still be there ten minutes from now. But until then, treat yourself. You earned it. A small break now might prevent a big one later. Take a few minutes. Or an hour. Or a day. As much time as you feel you need. Recharge. Reenergize. And relax.

Do whatever it takes to untie the knots your busy life has tied you in. And just do what makes you, you.

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