Carl Getting The COVID Vaccine Shot

Get The Shot

I’ve heard every argument on both sides of the COVID vaccine debate. Only one side makes sense to me. With due respect to those that feel differently, I see one logical option: Get the shot.

You won’t be magnetized. There are no tracking chips. If government conspiracy it is, it is one that spans every country around the globe. We couldn’t get that many countries on the same side during two world wars. I highly doubt this is a globally coordinated effort by the Illuminati to infringe human rights.

If your body has never encountered a particular virus before it will not have the antibodies necessary to fight it off. Think: Smallpox hitting the Americas. Either the virus will overcome your immune system like tanks rolling across your lawn, or your body will put up such an epic struggle that it gets badly – possibly terminally, certainly permanently – damaged in the fight. Either way, very unpleasant.

The vaccine gives your system a blueprint to say ‘heads up, be on the watch for this’. So when (not if) you get hit, you’re better prepared for the fight. Defenses ready. Which makes it potentially less of a battle, easier to fight, and more easily won.

Mixed metaphors aside, I’m not going to engage in debate. You can make your own choices in life. I make mine. I think not getting a vaccine may make a person eligible for a Darwin award, but hey. Your choice. For me this represents the safest way forward, one I’m happy to take. Whatever your position, it’s the best defense we currently have. I encourage anyone on the fence to take the leap. Get your vaccine, please.

I got my second shot this week. Two boxes checked. Drove up, walked in, walked out. Very simple, very painless, and zero after effects. My only complaint is that I didn’t get a cookie afterward.

I took my iPhone in to capture the whole historic moment. In. Out. Done. Here’s the video. Enjoy.

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