Buffalo Water Intake

Buffalo Water Intake

The Buffalo Water Intake sits along the invisible border between Canada and the U.S. in Lake Erie, near the Southern entrance to the Niagara River. It is the source of much of the fresh water that feeds Buffalo, NY.

To describe what we see here, basically, this circular building surrounds a hole. Inside that hole, Lake Erie plummets into channels and gets pumped ashore to a treatment facility. From there it goes to homes and businesses around Buffalo. It takes in water. It’s in Buffalo. It’s the Buffalo Water Intake.

Seen from the shore of Fort Erie, with the naked eye the Intake is scarcely more than a dot on the horizon. With my Sigma 100-400mm on a crop sensor I get 640mm of reach. That kind of lens brings the Intake up really close and lets us see the full details of the structure.

That long focal length has another benefit. It adds greater depth to the image. The Buffalo Water Intake stands here in sharp relief against the backdrop of the windmills of Erie County, NY. Not to be confused with Erie County, PA, only a short drive away. Which is home to Erie City. On Lake Erie.

America, it’s fair to say, may not be the most imaginative nation on Earth.

Buffalo Water Intake
Buffalo Water Intake

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