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At a holiday event this weekend I was unexpectedly approached by a former client I had previously worked with on… another event. I won’t be more specific, it is not my story to share. On their hallway wall this client has a 16 x 20 collage I made, an aluminium metal print from the event I photographed. It will live forever and never fade. The collage captured some of the occasion, the emotions, and the people from the day.

Fast forward a year. An estranged relative came by, I was told, and saw this collage for the first time. It apparently stopped them in their tracks. Tears ensued. Happy ones, I am informed. The two shared a moment and some memories together. The conversation which followed helped iron out some differences and rebuild some long-burned bridges. My client saw me at this new event and made a point of coming over to tell me the story, and thank me. Unnecessary, and unsolicited. But I can’t deny the feel-good factor.

I made that collage. I printed it. I built that bridge. That makes me happier than I can say. Not in a prideful way, but a “This. This is why I do it.” way. I am happy my offering opened that door for them.

Photography has real power. Use it well.

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