Sunrise at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, Ontario.

Spring Forward

Clocks, if not the humans that live their lives by them, spring forward this weekend. On Sunday at 2am (they must hope we will be asleep and not notice), clocks in Canada go forward one hour. Which means that sunrise on Saturday will be at around 6:30am depending on your time zone, and at around 7:30am on Sunday.

You think you are getting an extra hour. Nobody told the sun to have a lie in. Or the critters. Or the farmers. Photographers and wildlife and farmers and lots of others get up with the sun, not the clock. Here’s a little known secret: It’s all exactly the same time as far as the universe is concerned.

Weather permitting, I will be with Nikki back at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie on Saturday to kickstart the day at 6am. If it doesn’t cooperate we will do something else. Somewhere In Niagara.

But at least if we do it on Saturday we get that extra hour of sleep the day after. I don’t feel like getting up early on Sunday, whatever the clock says. We’re having a lie in.

Sunrise at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, Ontario.

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