Doctor Who Dalek close up

Somewhere In The Vortex

I shot this image at a comic con in the Scotiabank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls. The convention featured a Doctor Who exhibit and as a lifelong fan I took lots of shots of the Tardis, Daleks, and other displays. Extracting this Dalek from the busy convention background was childs play. The sharp lines of the Dalek case made it a breeze. I used the old school Pen tool. I still find that the most accurate and reliable weapon of choice even with all the AI magic around these days.

Throw in a gradient background radiating from that eye stalk to subtly focus the eyes there, a little blur to add depth to the casing, and add some tone and contrast to taste with a Curves adjustment layer to tweak the colours a little. Done! A quick but engaging piece. I like.

I thought it would be fun to tie in my Somewhere In… theme. As I do not have galactic coordinates for the Dalek home world of Skaro I could not pin down the region of space, so I went with the Vortex. A conceptual region akin to Hyperspace – everyone says it is there but nobody can point to it. Useful thing, science. 🙂

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