Rogers Centre and CN Tower

Rogers Centre

On a warm Summer day several years ago Nikki and I went Totally Tourist and headed to Toronto. We went up the CN Tower and had a walk around the Rogers Centre, home of the Blue Jays. We also spent a happy couple of hours at Ripley’s Aquarium. Despite all the tourists (that irony is not lost on me) we had an amazing day.

These images have sat on my hard drive literally for years. I always intended to get around to them but never did, until today. As I look out of the window, March 23 2024 is grey and overcast, with six inches of snow on the ground. It’s cold, and wet. These images brought back memories of warmer days.

The Rogers Centre, CN Tower and Ripley’s are within easy walking distance of each other. There are other attractions too. Even a Tim Hortons directly behind me. I took these images when we emerged with our lunch. Being able to stand still in the middle of a fast moving crowd without getting knocked over is a skill learned the hard way. That aside, on a good day, this City has everything. Despite all the bad associated with any big city, there is a lot of good. It balances.

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