Rhino horn


Rhinos are most famous for their horns, which when crushed to powder are highly prized by some for their alleged aphrodisiac and medicinal properties. This is odd, because the horns of rhinos are made entirely of keratin. The same material from which our human finger and toe nails are made.

You could get entirely the same aphrodisiac and medicinal miracles by biting your own nails.

The benefits of rhino horn are perceptual. The market comes from the supply and demand system. Promise that a product will achieve something, and people will buy that product, because they want to believe. All of which speaks to the greed of humans, and the buyer’s collective willingness to believe any old bullshit. We sell dreams to each other and engineer a market around those dreams, promising the impossible. To the point of extinction of more than one entire species.

Rhinos are herbivores. Rhinos only attack when threatened. Statistically, more humans are killed every year by hippos, a species more numerous because they aren’t hunted to extinction for toenails.

Humans don’t deserve to share this planet with creatures like this.

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