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St. John’s Conservation Area


St. John’s Conservation Area from the air – exclusive image from GYST Services

St. John’s Conservation Area

The St. John’s Conservation Area is one of our favourite places to visit. At any time of the year there is always something to see. Several trails offer different exploration experiences, including easy flat hikes with family-friendly wide paths, to the more challenging but rewarding ridge trail which has spectacular views from the top. Or you can take an easy saunter around the trout lake, popular with day anglers and their families.

As always, Somewhere In Niagara aims to offer a different perspective. We did that quite literally here by sending up the drone. The trout lake and the island, surrounded by the backlit trees just coming in to their Spring foliage, look magically different from a hundred feet in the air. I love my flying camera. The St. John’s Conservation Area is the gift which just keeps giving. Definitely worthy of several visits.

This and any image in the SHOP is available for collection or delivery anywhere within Niagara. Those beyond the peninsula can have prints shipped globally by fulfilment through our ETSY store. Which may be useful for all those Ontarian ex-pats or snowbirds.

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