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A recent addition to our product line are these handy 365 day planners, which can also be used as diaries or journals and notebooks.

Each day planner features a unique cover image taken by Carl, Somewhere In Niagara. Inside, each has one full page for each day of the year. No more trying to write very small, to squeeze in your notes. These planners have plenty of room. Each page has a section for reminders, to-do lists, and exercise and meal records (though of course you can use them for anything you want).

Extra Features

Each page has a date bar in the header that you can fill in. You choose how to use your book. However you do it you can buy these any day of the year, unlike a year book they will never expire!

Every week has a decicated page to help schedule the week ahead and define action points or things that must be done. Each week also has a page afterward, to review and mSomewhere In Niagara Day Planner Seriesake notes of what you did or did not manage to get done. This lets you roll projects forward or address the successes (or failures) of the week.

With all these extra pages each book contains a massive yet pocket sized 521 pages. Five different covers to choose from make these books ideal for coordinating family members and activities. Get one each! Of use them to coordinate work and home, school or sport schedules. The possibilities are endless. Get yours today and begin planning your life.

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