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Small church in the woods.


“Oh, Little Star Of Bethlehem”… So begins the hymn sung by generations across the globe to celebrate Christmas. Stars shine just as brightly during the day as at night. Only our own sun shines brightly enough to be seen during the day like this. Science says another star went supernova a couple of thousand years
School Bus in snow

School Bus

An incredibly undervalued resource in communities across Canada and the U.S. is the humble school bus. These bumble-bee yellow transports ferry the hopes and dreams of North American youth to places of education, in turn helping build the society and educate the citizens of tomorrow. Seriously. School buses are (almost) exclusive to the North American
Ancaster Mill waterfall

Ancaster Mill

Hamilton boasts over one hundred waterfalls and visiting them all involves some serious commitment in terms of energy and effort. Visiting them all is a challenge. One that is worth every erg exerted. Following a strenuous afternoon exploring the Hamilton watershed last Summer, Nikki and I stopped to cool our heels at Ancaster Mill. This
Somewhere In Niagara: Image Of The Week

Welland Canal

On a flight across Port Colborne I spied this ship going through the Welland Canal. The Welland Canal is the route for any water traffic navigating between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. From large freight vehicles to personal water craft, if you need to navigate, the Welland Canal is the (only) way to go. The
Niagara Falls Skyline

IOTW: Niagara Skyline

The Image Of The Week today is from the upper floors of the Sheraton Fallsview hotel in Niagara Falls. Nikkki and I were there overnight to photograph a company event. I had already assembled everything I would need for the main event. Being both an adventurous and creative type, while Nikki made herself ready I
Snow Owl in the field

Snow Owl

With my 100-400mm telephoto lens I was able to get up close and personal with this Snow Owl without actually getting close enough to be of any concern. The critter scanned me casually with those amazing eyes while I was working the camera. I interpret the expression here to fall into the usual category. It’s
Hydro Plant tunnel platform view

The Tunnel

The view as one emerges from the Hydro Plant tunnel on to the viewing platform is spectacular. Or, it will be when we go back and it isn’t raining. I asked the elevator attendant, he goes out there for lunch quite often. Next time we go back, in drier weather, I will take sandwiches and
TheBowieLives playing at the Roselawn Theatre, Port Colborne

God Is An American

This post title is the recurring refrain from David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid Of Americans”. So what? So, I have had this track as my cell phone ring tone for almost a decade. Clearly, I’m a Bowie fan. Which is why, when the Starman fell to Earth for a couple of hours on a cold November
Niagara Falls Hydro Plant tunnel

Niagara Hydro Plant

180 feet below the Niagara River, through millenia of rock and shale and cement and dirt and mineral… runs a tunnel. The tunnel is a half mile long. It was carved with blood and sweat and steam at the beginning of the 20th century by engineers and labourers without computers. Without CAD, any kind of
Gyst Services patch


I was in a motorbike club for several years. I don’t ride. But they let me tag along and drink and laugh and take photos and hang out. When I became a member I was automatically patched. That is a decal sewn to the clothing which denotes your club. Only club members can wear club
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