Somewhere In Niagara Train

I Bought A Train

For anyone that might be confused by this title: I have not actually bought a train. Nor did I graffiti the CP rail car. I did this legally and safely from my home office. Photoshop can be subtle, and so can I.

Life in Canada brings with it certain expectations. There are mountains. There are waterfalls. There are moose. And here in Ontario, there are train tracks. Everywhere.

Here in Port Colborne, Ontario, tracks crisscross the city. Beyond, it is hard, nay impossible, to navigate any distance without the need to cross tracks somewhere. This applies across much of the Niagara peninsula, it being an industrial nerve centre as well as the nexus for cross-border rail traffic and freight.

Most of the time we cross tracks without issue. Trains are more common in some places than others. Here in Port Colborne, they are infrequent. But when they do arrive, everything stops. This is an ungated crossing, which means no barriers. The train goes slow enough to stop in case of need. Very slow. Which makes it a great time to jump out of the car, wander around, say hi to people, and take photos.

This photo shows vehicles on both sides of the tracks waiting for that train to pass. The incongruity of seeing a train in the middle of the road with no gates in sight is eye-catching. Also, the photo speaks to anyone that has had their journey delayed in this way. I determined that it also makes a great billboard to put your Somewhere In Niagara landscape photography logo on. So I did.

Not while waiting for the train, I hasten to add. I did this tonight, at home in Photoshop. It’s a minor edit. I rarely edit landscape photos beyond basic adjustments. This edit, however, fits the image beautifully. One that embodies the idea of Somewhere In Niagara beautifully. Always moving. Always onward. New horizons. With Somewhere In Niagara. I kinda like that idea. That’s the reason. That’s why I bought a train.

Prints available for all images by request.
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