Nikki and I have a party of twelve

Happy Whateveryacallit

Nikki and I would like to wish everybody a happy holiday season. Whatever we call it, whatever you and yours call it, whatever your faith or belief system, or complete lack thereof, you’re good people.

Just take care of each other and be happy. We love you. Yes, even you. Peace.

Nikki and I have a party of twelve
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The image is a composite, numerous images layered into one. The concept is based on The Night Before Christmas. According to this classic poem, ‘…’twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse’. We, however, were wakened by noises from the living room. Imagine our shock (see us in the doorway, being shocked) when we crept warily downstairs in our robes to discover a party in progress.

Nikki and I had lots of fun, with multiple changes of clothes and planning the positioning of each posing couple, which of course is simply the two of us. Our own little 2-person party of 12. It was an afternoon well spent, and a wonderful memory. We walked away with a unique card. Which I then turned into a large framed print for our wall. All part of the design plan. Developing a certain skill set has benefits: I can do magic.

Happy Holidays, all, whateveryacallit. Peace.

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