iPhone Case

Going beyond photography, my online store features a range of creative items as merchandise: T-shirts, phone cases, wall art, framed and mounted prints, fridge magnets. Those kind of things. Click here to take a look. If you like, buy. If not, let me know.

Side note: I shoot events, and can make custom items from the event photos.
From T-shirts to trade show merchandise. As an experienced product designer, if you have a preferred vendor I can also create the design and hand off the artwork to pass along, production ready. It’s a nice add-on to my even services. Call for details.

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Chateau Frontenac throw pillow

Honeymooners and friends of Quebec may enjoy the addition to our range of 44 products based on our image of the Chateau Frontenac.

Here are some samples from my Somewhere In Canada collection. This one is titled ‘Beach Walk’