Gallery Update

We near the end of 2019. It has been a busy year for me, with visits to New York, several State Parks, some filmmaking, and of course, work. Lots of work. 2020 looks set to be hectic as well.

Taking a few days out to be with friends and family, I’m also working through the backlog of photos I’ve accumulated this year. I think I got some diamonds in there, including some neat Winter landscapes and crashing waves coming off Lake Erie during a storm surge. I hope you will agree.

I’ve added some of them to the Gyst Photo Shop for visitors to browse and buy, and will be adding more over the holidays as I work through them. I also revamped the interface and the shopping cart to make the site more intuitive and easier to navigate. I even added some new product options to give visitors more choices. We now offer everything from digital downloads to framed metal prints for your wall. Something for everyone.


While I was at it, I succumbed to the Holiday Spirit and created a 15% discount across the board, valid from now until January 3rd 2020. Enter code ‘Gystmas2019‘ during checkout to make your wallet happy. You’re welcome.

Please check out the site. Leave a comment below, or at the site. All feedback is appreciated. And of course, if you choose to buy any images we will be duly grateful. Remember to enjoy your discount!

Signing off for 2019. There are presents to deliver and family to visit. See you in 2020.


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