Feel The Sunrise

Last weekend was Victoria Day in Canada. This weekend Nikki and I celebrate our first date. Every year we unwind and do our own thing together. Somewhere In Niagara.

This year, Nikki decided she wanted to see sunrise at the Fort Erie Peace Bridge. I suspect that she was humouring me. I have been talking for some time about going there again, this time with the drone and taking some video of the sun cresting the horizon. She was insistent, so that is how the day began.

Sunrise at this time of year requires us to be out of bed by 4:00am. Nikki is many wonderful things, but a morning person she is not. Out of the house by 4:15, we stopped only to buy beverages and a ‘thank you’ donut for Nikki before heading out on what would become an adventurous and memorable day. A few minutes before sunrise I had the camera and drone all set up and ready to roll. Things move very fast at sunrise, blink and you will miss it. I didn’t blink. But Nikki did. Rather, I thought she was struggling to stay awake when I took this shot as her eyes are closed. I smiled as I worked.

Running around excitedly between drone and camera to be sure I caught everything, I saw Nikki smile without opening her eyes. I realised she was simply enjoying feeling the light and warmth of the newborn sun washing over her as it took us from night into day. Pausing only to take this image of her, I let her enjoy her moment in the sun, and worked on.

She is wiser than me, in many ways. I photographed an amazing sunrise. She felt it.

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Sunrise at the Fort Erie Peace Bridge
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