Coyote Pretty

During a recent outing I encountered a coyote on the outskirts of Port Colborne, Ontario. The wild critter and I faced off silently for about thirty seconds, both motionless. I raised my camera and took this shot, a second before the critter turned and padded silently into the undergrowth.

I know these animals can be dangerous. I had with me a monopod which would make a good defensive weapon, and as we sized each other up it was clear to both of us that neither was a threat to the other. For now. Our uneasy truce was shortlived but showed that two worlds can intersect and coexist.

Predators have a place in this world. We all have to eat. Or be eaten. It is said that the majority of communication is non-verbal. That is especially true when dealing with wildlife. Body language does not just apply to humans. How you stand, move, speak. It all counts. Both ways.

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