To compete in today’s world your visuals must be engaging and imaginative. We’ve all skipped ads. Our goal at GYST is simple: Make sure potential customers don’t skip yours.

Spot ads, trade show attract mode teasers, trailers. Complex corporate boardroom presentations with animation and motion graphics. GYST deliver all these. On time, on point, and on budget.

Across three continents, to date.

No actual video? No actual problem. Our motion graphics take still graphics or images and turn them quickly into dynamic, compelling visuals. That’s a very, very useful trick when budgets are tight.

GYST is currently heavily engaged in producing high quality training materials and courses for several household name restaurant brands. We also run the web sites that deliver those courses.

Here is a short sampler playlist which includes a behind-the-scenes interview with Carl shot during a 3-day conference at the PGA National Resort, Orlando, Florida. GYST were the official event photographer, coming back with 65Gb of video and images, enough to keep the marketing team going for over a year.

To round out the playlist there are a variety of other items.

We are quite proud of our most recent production, a 4K drone video for a large recycling company – yes, we have added (fully licensed) aerial photography and drone productions to our skills set. This particular video was recut into several versions with different aspect ratios and running times for use on social media and the client web site as well as Youtube.

We also included a hand sketched client storyboard. Storyboards are pre-production videos used to block out shots, scripts, pacing and timing. They let clients and crew refine ideas and see how things might look before going into production, avoid wasting time and money on assembling gear and crew on location, as well as helping identify equipment needs. We included it to show that we plan properly and work with our clients at every stage. So that you, dear client, get exactly what you want.