Terms And Conditions for collection and delivery

Somewhere In Niagara

Prints and other products purchased through this local store are subject to vigorous quality control and inspection before collection or delivery. Items within the Niagara region are hand delivered or collected by the buyer. Buyers have the absolute right to refuse delivery / collection, and to request refund if they are in any way dissatisfied with the quality of the item(s). Such requests will be honored without question.

We want our customers to be happy. We stand by our commitment to quality. Nonetheless… buyers are strongly encouraged to inspect their prints at time of hand delivery. Once items are collected or delivery has taken place, all kinds of damage may be incurred. Prints are fragile creatures. GYST accepts no responsibility for damage after receipt of the product. Therefore, for physical deliveries within the Niagara region no returns or refunds will be considered after the initial transaction. Please, check your prints.

Somewhere NOT In Niagara

For deliveries outside the Niagara region we use a variety of shipping methods. Product quality is guaranteed at time of despatch. It is possible that damage may be incurred during transit. If this occurs please advise us at the earliest possible opportunity and we will liaise with the shipping company to redress and resolve the issue. This may include a full or partial refund, despatch of a replacement item, or some other arrangement as necessary to maintain customer satisfaction. We want our customers to be happy. If damage is deemed to be post-delivery through accident or otherwise, refund will not be offered. For example: Do not let your dog chew. Bite marks are a no-no.

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