Another WordPress Site

I just spent an enjoyable morning installing and setting up a WordPress installation for a buddy of mine, for our local Yacht Club.

Buddy will be taking care of all the routine updates like upcoming events and photo galleries. I will be on hand to offer assistance until he gets the hang of WordPress, which can be a little confusing, at least until you know your way around it.

As well as the photo gallery and events calendar, there are pages for membership and rental applications – the usual stuff.  The site will grow with the club, at whatever pace is required. Exciting times.

Experience teaches caution. To be safe, I’ll handle the file and database backups and other boring stuff, going forward. Just in case things go pear shaped – as they often do in the online world.

Right now this new  site is tucked away in a sub directory. That will let buddy learn, play, and get the site looking exactly how he wants. Once he’s happy with it, I simply migrate the installation to the home directory (30 seconds, tops) and it’s live – a totally seamless, painless upgrade. Win.

They hit the ground running with a brochure site that showcases the unique location, and that also has advanced marketing capabilities and social media connectivity. I think they are really going to enjoy the next few months of growth. Buckle up for the ride, guys.

Well, that’s the morning taken care of. Time well spent, I think.
What shall I do with my afternoon..?

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