A Postcard Design

This is the front of a postcard I designed which landed in the mailboxes of healthcare providers across America recently.

On the rear of the postcard we launch a prize draw contest which is proving very successful, and which is generating a lot of interest in our field of industry and across our target audience  (which is why we did it, of course). It worked.

Just wanted to share the image. Because I like it. It is good. So there.

Front image for a postcard

Busy Week, Busy Weekend

This last week has been a little hectic.

In print, I finished a 6-page sales brochure, 2 product technical specification sheets, and a full page advert supporting a national U.S. fundraising campaign for a major healthcare provider client.

I wrote, and promoted via Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook, four in-depth blog articles for three separate medical software companies. I moderated an opinion poll, launched a national prize draw and sent over 10,000 marketing e-mails to assorted client lists advising upcoming attendances at various conferences and trade shows. Plus other stuff.

In my own time, I wrote a 7-page proposal outlining my recommendations for best next-steps for our group of eight companies, in terms of web site modifications and development, and budgeting for the year ahead.

After I did that, on the way home on Friday I recorded some video for my YouTube channel.

This particular video has a serious theme surrounding mental illness (not mine, you witty person) and may prove unsettling for some: you have been warned. The next day, today, I recorded another, shorter, bounce-back video which discusses some upgrades I have planned for the community newspaper I co-publish.

Both videos were uploaded today and both are in my Thoughts From A Car series, which I hope to maintain on a more regular basis now that I have developed a workflow which allows me to output consistently at a high rate of production. Hope you like them.

I think I may just stop and have a little rest now. Then, on to the gystservices.com site to add some more photo galleries and change things up a little. If I don’t fall asleep first, that is.

The best thing about doing what I do is that I can jump right in and completely redesign everything in minutes, from video to web site to blog to print ads to…well. You get the idea. When inspiration hits me, I don’t stop until I’m finished. And that reminds me. I should change up the ads I’m running on the newspaper site. Something new. Something…ah. Yes. I know the very thing. Time to get started…