I love my wife

i love my wife. Even when she takes me shopping for shoes. Shoes at the Outlet stores in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Shoes that she checked out online before we set off. Shoes that, it turns out, they don’t actually have in stock.

Shoes that, the lady at the store says, are only available through the web site. So Nikki can’t try them on for size. And these shoes ┬ácan’t be delivered to a Canadian address. That would be too easy. Oh no, these shoes must be ordered online and delivered to a U.S. Address.

Then, she says, we can queue to go over the border to collect them. Paying tolls, gas money and import duty on them. Of course, with a wink, my wife could put them on and wear them on the way back.

And they wonder why this store is empty.